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Hub 53 Chiang Mai Hostel
Hub 53 Chiang Mai Hostel

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Hmong Hilltribe Lodge - Chiang Mai
111 Moo 4, T. Mae Raem, A.Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, 50180
Email : rsvn@hip-hotels-chiangmai.com

HIP Rate :

Hmong Hilltribe Lodge


The site for Hmong Hilltribe Lodge was carefully selected in 1987, after we decided to create an alternative to the lengthy day trips that were the only available means of visiting outlying ethnic villages.

The close proximity of several Hmong villages to the lodge allows guests to explore these tribal outposts at their own leisure, or with one of our experienced trekking guides, without the time pressure imposed by a day trip from the city.

Cradled in a scenic valley of the Suthep-Pui mountain range, Hmong Hilltribe Lodge offers guests a unique opportunity to experience traditional Hmong culture amidst striking natural beauty. Conveniently located in the Mae Rim district, just an hour's drive from Chiang Mai, our jungle lodge combines simplicity and style to create an environment of rustic elegance and serenity. With an elevation of 2,700 feet above mean sea level, the weather at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge is pleasantly mild and cool all year round.

 Room Facilities  

Hmong Hilltribe Lodge is made up of 10 individual houses, each comprising four separate rooms arranged around a central communal area with a large fireplace. Guests may choose from a selection of standard, superior and deluxe rooms.

 Hotel Facilities Top 

Facilities & Services :

  • Coffeeshop
  • Mountain View
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Tour Desk

 Room Rates Top 

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